Our Story

Ten years ago, soon after Helping Hands Coalition was established, we had the vision to create a place where Holocaust survivors could come and congregate with people from around the world.
In the beginning, we met in the location called Caesarea Villa; however, in October 2018, we began hosting weekly Shalom Houses in our new facilities Helping Hand Coalition Villa – International Center.
Each week twenty or more survivors from around Israel come and enjoy a concert or dinner, with international guests sharing their gifts, talents, and appreciation with the survivors.
Volunteers and groups visiting Israel are welcome to come and experience one of these events (along with hosting your own Shalom House), in exchange for assisting in the set-up and dismantling, and donating to help continue these joyful afternoons.
There is nothing better than seeing the survivors reaction to different performances and acts of kindness. None of us want to feel alone, and having these afternoons gives the survivors a place to go and feel joyful again.
Their time with us is precious and will soon be coming to an end, so we need to cherish them while they’re here and show them that their lives matter.

Our Mission

Helping Hand Coalition hopes to create a community of people from around the world and Holocaust survivors living in Israel through the Shalom House events. Each event is focused on celebrating life and showing the survivors that they have not been forgotten. Giving is receiving, and we want to encourage the survivors who attend our events that their voices are being heard!